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A phone call is the simplest, the most convenient and above all the quickest way to get to know the cost of your order and preliminary deadlines.

Moreover, having queried about all the circumstances and main nuances of your situation during the phone talk, we can have prepared different options for solving particularly your problem by the time of personal meeting.

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  1. Quick and effective result. Only professionals in the staff.
  2. Licenses for all legal working methods.
  3. Guaranteed, smoothly running, tried-and-true working schemes.
  4. Contacts in power structures.
  5. A great number of agents in criminal world
  6. Undertake only the tasks that can be accomplished.
  7. Established partnerships with Armenia, Moldavia, the Baltic states, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, the Ukraine, Columbia, France, Israel, the USA, Latin American Countries.
  8. Cherish our clients’ secrets, information leak is impossible.

The “Trianon” Detective Agency

The “Trianon” Detective Agency - it is a team of qualified enquiry agents, working in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The main field of private detectives’ work is generally solving confidential problems. The “Trianon” guarantees one hundred percent privacy to all the clients at all stages of work starting from the first call to the agency. None but agency’s employees, involved in the execution of the order, will never know neither about your reference to a private detective, nor about the details of the order, course of sleuthing, results of observation, data collection or other detectives’ work. The “Trianon” Agency strictly honors secrecy of private and business lives of its clients and takes all possible measures to protect personal data.

Private detective services in Moscow and St. Petersburg is a licensable type of activity. The “Trianon” possesses the full list of required licenses or other approval documents for legal provision of services. All the employees work solely within the law, respect and observe statutory regulations and never go outside the bounds of legal framework.

The “Trianon” Detective Agency provides a wide range of services to individuals and businesses, which is ran by a person skilled in the art. While proceeding to an order our employees explore all the peculiarities of the existing situation, taking into account tactfulness, politeness and delicacy, which is required by many applicants. We are ready to help you in all sorts of problems, and in each case we suggest individual strategy which is proven to be the most efficient in the particular situation. Enter upon the order, detectives of the “Trianon” Agency are guided by the principles of maximum efficiency, shortest time and best result.

High skills, continually confirmed by a great number of successfully fulfilled investigations, great work experience – is a compulsory requirement to all the Agency’s employees. Only established professionals, demonstrating the highest performance index are hired by the “Trianon” Agency. The majority of employees have work experience in law-enforcement facilities and adjacent government institutions. Our detectives have got a huge experience not only in investigatory activities but also in cooperation with state authorities, using professional databases, narrowly-specialized high-tech devices and modern methods of people, information and property detection. All these helped our detectives not only to master their professional skills, but also to acquire a great number of valuable personal contacts, which often help to make an investigation more effective, and the search of information or people more time efficient.

Competence and qualifications of the “Trianon” Agency’s detectives allows to render private enquiry services on the highest performance level. We sign an official contract and strictly adhere to the required items, performing our work within specified time limits and providing the client with a full account of our work and its results. All the collected information is warranty trustworthy. And privacy policy - is the main condition of our successful activity.

The “Trianon” Detective Agency has its offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg, however investigations, observations, data collection or other actions can take place in other geographical areas of Russian Federation by agreement with the client, if necessary.

Send us a question or an order by e-mail Describe the main aspects of the situation, claiming the help of the Detective Agency, and tell the best possible way to contact you. We will give you a rough-and-ready answer, calculate the cost of your order and suggest our solutions (or conceptually new approach to an issue).
Thankful clients, who agreed to leave feedback
(we think that reviews without feedback path are two-bit and aren’t worth putting in the Internet)
Yury S.

We hired our chief accountant almost “off the street”. There were no free familiar specialists of the necessary qualification. But to convey the full financial information about business matters to an absolutely unknown person was quite dangerous. That’s why we charged the Detective Agency a check-out of chosen candidates. We were interested in their biography, social circle, contacts, relations to business rivals and criminal world. We found out that one of the applicants had a close friend working for our main rival. The second applicant was implicated in a financial affair a few years ago. And only the third one passed the test successfully and we hired him.
It is good, that there is a possibility to know about a person more than he narrates about himself…

Ekaterina, St. Petersburg

I turned to this detective agency to order a spy upon my husband, cause I suspected that he had an affair. Several days detectives were tracing were he went and reported everything to me. Of course, I found out a lot of new and interesting details…The results of the chase is a personal matter, but I was fully satisfied with the agency’s level of work. My husband didn’t notice the spy, and I got all the information I wanted.

Mila K.

We urgently needed to find the manager of one company to decide upon the very important business question. Our proposal was to be discussed privately, but it was impossible to make an appointment with him and we were pressed for time. The “Trianon” agency helped us to make a casual acquaintance. I don’t know how, but the detectives found out that the manager had diabetes. That’s why suggested to make an appointment with him at restaurant. They traced him, found out in what restaurant he was and called me. According to a detective’s signal I entered the restaurant when he was finishing his meal. The object was in good mood, as just after a meal blood sugar bounced back. The manager eagerly got acquainted with me, and the question was settled to my velvet.

Alexander L.

I appreciate the “Trianon” Agency for assistance in finding my father!!! A man in years with health problems didn’t come back home after a walk around the house. Our police said that they would start searching him no sooner than in three days… It is a good thing I recalled that I could turn to private detectives!!! The next day my father was at home!!! They found him!!! I can’t even imagine what might have happened to him after three days!!!

Marina Sh., Moscow

The “Trianon” Agency detectives helped me to avoid serious material losses in my business. We had a new profit- making contract to be outlined. And I decided to check our new partners just to be safe (once I signed a contract without checking and had enough of it…). Our lawyers looked through the documents, everything was clean, and gave the green light. But my intuition prompted me to hire a detective (the contract was worth it). And the respectable company turned out to be a figurehead of famous shady dealers. Were it not The “Trianon”, I would get into trouble. So, thanks for the help!

Pavel M., St. Petersburg

Recently I have noticed leakage of mainly inside information from the office. Several times it did serious harm to the company. I suspected one of the employees to leak the information. I called the “Trianon” Agency and asked to find this person. First, they suggested to check the office for wiretaps. I agreed, and they found a well-masked bug. The leakage stopped. I suspected my people to no purpose. I am satisfied with the efficiency and competence of the detective agency.

People search
Civil matter census
Legal body research opinion
Mobile phone’s owner information
Organize casual acquaintance with the necessary person
Outdoor surveillance
Relief from creditors
Conviction check
Individual research opinion
Video monitoring installation
Crime investigation
Cheating check
Applicants check
Individual’s place of registration locating
Car owner’s information
Inquire all the individual’s mobile numbers
Countersurveillance to discover  you being chased
Fixed surveillance
Individual’s real estate search
Eavesdropping device search
Subscriber’s  IP address  information
Person’s alibi check
Family and previous marital relations information
Real estate history check for further transaction security
Legal body information (director’s and founders’ address and phone number, accounts numbers, etc.)
Debt collector services
Return husband back to a family (discredit a marriage wrecker with a PICKUP method)
Infringement production detection and fight against false representation
Data collection from previous work places
Witnesses search
Lawyers headhunting and management support
Holdings search
Marriage creeps revelation
Sprint test check (polygraph analog)
Assistance in law enforcement conflict